Please read the following carefully before booking. Payment of the agency fee is deemed as accepting these terms and conditions. 


Holiday Nannies Greece acts as an introduction and booking agency only and our role is to allocate a nanny to you. The nanny is not employed either directly or indirectly by Holiday Nannies Greece. 
We are an independent contractor and no employment relationship shall be created by any provision of services by us. Holiday Nannies Greece undertake to ensure that all nannies on the register have been carefully selected.

The client accepts to provide photographic identity to the Agency in the form of a passport or a driving license before meeting with the nanny in person for the purpose of the safety of the nanny.

The client accepts that no amount of reference checking can provide a guarantee at future performance by individual nannies and Holiday Nannies Greece cannot be held accountable for negligence on the part of a nanny who has provided us with satisfactory references.

Our selection procedure includes the following: 
 1. Contact the nanny 
 2. Documents provided by the nanny about her experience and references 
3. Identity check 
 4. Personal interview.


When the booking form is completed we will provide you with the nanny’s details. Our introductions are strictly confidential and you must not pass on details to any other person. Please, you need to protect the privacy of anyone whose information we pass to you. The information passed to you is for your personal use only and must not be directly or indirectly used for any commercial purpose or further distribution.

Under normal circumstances the same nanny/nannies will be allocated for the entire booking. However, in some cases it may be necessary for a replacement nanny to complete the booking, even if the original nanny has started. This cannot be accepted as a reason for the client to cancel the booking and there will not be a refund in that case.


For each booking made there is a deposit agreed at the time of the booking, and is payable to us by bank transfer. Transfers can be made in Euros. Deposits are not refundable.

No booking will be guaranteed until we receive the deposit (unless arranged otherwise). Deposits include admin fees which are non refundable or deductable from the nanny’s wages.

Booking confirmations and receipts are sent by email.


Once we have taken a booking you will be entitled to terminate the engagement up to the date falling 15 days before your booking. In this case we will refund the 50% of the deposit. For cancellation refunds within the times outlined above, if bank charges occur we will charge you for these.

If you terminate the booking 15 days or less before your departure we will not refund deposits to you.

If prior to your departure we are unable to provide the nanny you have selected due to circumstances beyond our control, for instance if the nanny cancels the engagement, then we will endeavour to find an alternative suitable to you. If we are unable to provide a suitable alternative nanny then we will reimburse the fees paid by you.

If you have made a reservation and you change your dates or times at a later stage without communication and agreement with Holiday Nannies Greece, then you will be liable to the payments of the hours reserved unless your nanny accepts otherwise. If you add nannies after the original booking has been made and/or make another booking during the season you will be required to pay another deposit and introductory fee, as stated above in “DEPOSIT”.


Payments are agreed at the time of the booking and paid to the agency and nanny separately.

Balance will be paid to the nanny on the FIRST DAY of engagement, during the first hour, in cash. (This only applies to bookings of less than seven days. For more than seven days payments are made us agreed with the agency.) Otherwise the nanny has the right not to provide any services.


Holiday Nannies Greece can also introduce nannies for permanent placements (permanent means the engagement for any period of more than 8 weeks – full time or part time). Once you have decided on the nanny whom you wish to employ, you shall immediately notify Holiday Nannies Greece. As soon as you notify the agency about your decision to employ the nanny and the nanny accepts the offer, the agency will invoice the Client in the agreed amount.


You agree to notify us immediately in the event that you engage a nanny introduced by us and you must not contact any nanny introduced by us to engage them directly.

If you engage a nanny introduced by us for any purposes other than for the holiday specified in the Booking Form at any time following an Introduction by us you agree to pay a fee to us equal to 20% of the total annual remuneration of the introduced nanny. Total remuneration includes basic salary plus any bonuses, allowances or other benefits. The fee will be payable whether you engage the nanny as an employee or independent contractor.

In the event that the nanny is employed for less than 12 months the ‘total annual remuneration’ will be equal to the total remuneration payable to the candidate during the term of the contract.

Our fees will be payable in full if you engage a nanny we have introduced to you for any Holiday or part of a Holiday, whether or not you have told us about the booking (and whether or not you have paid the nanny directly). This will apply both to the holiday specified in the Booking Form and to any future holidays at which an introduced nanny provides services to you.


Holiday Nannies Greece can allocate you a travelling nanny. We have packages available for longer periods of time and hours. In case you want a travelling nanny with you, you agree to pay all the travel, accommodation and meals costs for the nanny.