Holiday Nannies Greece specialises in providing qualified nannies to accompany families on their holidays/ vacations in Greece.

Holiday Nannies Greece also specialises in providing nannies for permanent placements (full time or part time).

All our Holiday Nannies are experienced and/or qualified.

Nannies for all occasions

Every parent can enjoy social events with their kids in a safe and secure environment.

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Private parties
  • Corporate events
  • Festivals
  • Christening
  • Permanent or temporary placements
  • and more

Our nanny will keep your children entertained for hours through educational and fun activities.

Holiday Nannies Greece will introduce local, experienced nannies, who have a genuine love to children, who speak Greek, English and other languages. Most of our nannies hold a University degree in Early Years or equivalent. We ask for all original documents (ID/Passport, First Aid Certificate, and any certificates related to childcare).

We can also allocate you a travelling nanny, a nanny that will accompany you and your children to your trip. Please note that in that case the family pays all the travel, accommodation and meals costs for the nanny.

Booking procedure

Once you contact Holiday Nannies Greece you will be asked to fill in the online booking form.

We will carefully study your case and select the best option that we believe that matches your requirements.

All our nannies are interviewed to ascertain whether they have the kind of experience/personality and adaptability we are looking for.

We can arrange a skype/call if you wish, or a meeting with the nanny at a pre-agreed time if possible.

When a deposit of the agreed amount of money is received, the booking is confirmed.

After booking your nanny we will send you her personalised profile as the first introduction to your nanny.

Why do you need a nanny?
  1. Having a locally based nanny means you don’t have to travel with your own.
  2. You can enjoy your tour having your nanny with you at all times (even when you want to enjoy your coffee on the beach at first, then during your visit at Acropolis and at last having lunch at a greek tavern).
  3. You don’t have to share your villa with a nanny, she has her own accommodation.
  4. A local nanny speaks the language so she can help you with your holiday needs.
  5. She will keep your children occupied while you are resting or having an activity with your partner.
  6. You can go sightseeing without bringing your baby with you.
  7. You can work knowing that a reliable temporary or permanent nanny (full time or part time) keeps your kids entertained in a safe environment.
Number of nannies

We suggest:

One nanny for two children under the age of 2 years
One nanny for 3 children over the age of 3 years
One nanny for 4 children over the age of 5 years

Please read carefully our TERMS & CONDITIONS before proceeding to the Booking.

Prices start from 8€ per hour depending on the number of children, the period of time, the resort and the qualifications you need for your nanny.
We will accept a minimum of 3 hours per day.
Packages are also available for longer periods of time and hours. Special packages for permanent placements (full time or part time).