Keep your baby safe in the sun

Keep your baby safe in the sun

The sun is shinning during the summer, especially here in Greece, and every parent wants to know how to keep their baby safe in the sun. Read our tips in order to make sure your baby enjoys the sunshine safely.

Keep baby in shade

The first thing to do is to avoid direct sun exposure, especially when your baby is tiny, and seek the shade during the sun’s hours of greatest intensity, between 10.00 and 16.00.

Use sun umbrellas on holidays and shade him from the rays while out for a stroll.

If your baby is crawling or walking, encourage him to sit and play in the shade.

Protective clothing

The best option to keep your baby safe when you are on the beach is to dress him in all over swimsuits that cover their arms and legs.

Keep his skin covered with loose – fitting clothes, preferably cotton. Light clothing is better for protecting your baby from the sun as light colours reflect the heat, whereas darker colours absorb it.

A hat that will shade your baby’s face, ears and neck is also necessary.


Once your baby reaches 6 months of age, it is time to introduce sunscreens. Choose a water-resistant sunscreen that offers a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 15.

You may want to test sunscreen on the inside of your baby’s wrist. If the child has a little irritation, try another sunscreen. Use it on all exposed areas, such as the back of the hands, face, ears and neck.

Be sure to apply the sunscreen half an hour before you go out. Re apply your baby’s sunscreen every hour, even if he have not been in water.

Keep the baby hydrated

Don’t forget to offer liquids frequently to your baby throughout the day, to keep him hydrated. 

Whatever your baby normally drinks (breast-milk, formula, water, juice) make sure he has plenty of it.

Letting your baby splash in the water from now and then is a great way to keep him cool.

Enjoy the sun!

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